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Externalization of EMV Level2 technology developments

EMV Level 2 software was never a differentiator for Payment Terminal solution providers. When EMV was introduced the cost of developing and maintaining the technology allowed all payment device providers to control the technology. Off-the-shelf EMV Kernels were not globally available and controlling the technology without any dependance made sense.


When contactless was introduced, the level of complexity grew significantly regarding Level1 analog antenna tuning and design, as well as Level2 with the adoption of a new EMVCo multi-application architecture. Level 1 is very specific to device design and is the key value and competence of Payment Terminal manufacturers. EMV Level 2 is pure functional software which offers little means to differentiate.

In consequence, with the fast growing scope and complexity of EMV Level 2 domain, and its little value as differentiator, there is a growing trend for major manufacturers and solution providers to outsource EMV level2 technology, as a means to better allocate resources, reduce costs and improve product time to market.

Amadis has been driving this change with success, allowing many companies to focus on their core business and competencies. Adopting Agnos allowed them to :

  1. access our very wide library of pre-certified Kernels;
  2. benefit from a flexible, SRED compliant and efficient framework;
  3. Open to a complete ecosystem of tools, and modern transaction framework AktIO

In coherence with our customer focus, we offer many flexible ways to perform this switch either proposing kernels independently to be integrated into an existing EntryPoint Framework, proposing in-house integration services, or even developing abstraction layers to allow legacy L3 software to run transparently on the new Agnos stack.

You are a Payment Device expert, looking to outsource its EMV L2 software. We are available to evaluate your need and free your organization from EMV and PCI-DSS related concerns, with the promise of making your company more efficient and profitable.

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