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Petro Retailers Save up to 80 Percent on EMV Migration with Android locked-down

We recently announced our EMV migration offering for fuel retailers. This fall gas stations will be able to comply with their EMV liability requirements in a matter of days, as opposed to months, while staying up and running, during the migration process. There are over a half million unbranded fuel dispensers that need to be upgraded to EMV, by the April 2021 liability shift deadline. At the same time, contactless payments are surging, as consumers are increasingly demanding safer payment solutions in this Coronavirus era. 


Amadis, together with AMP and Texas Engineering, provide a pre-certified, all inclusive EMV migration solution, that is up to 80 percent less expensive than competitors. The solution is delivered to fuel retailers by TXECSS in a custom kit that is ready to install by maintenance personnel that service their fuel dispensers. It's easy to install and includes payment software from Amadis, along with AMP’s 6500 smart Pump terminal, a card reader that is completely touch-free. 

The terminal works perfectly from 2 feet away, and its built in with the fuel dispenser. Proximity sensors engage from up to a foot (12") away to reduce customer touches. It's a futureproof, no touch solution that instantly reads and displays 2D QR codes for alternative payments & loyalty.

Single Petro & C-Store owners represent over 62% of the Petro retail market at 95,445 sites, with 1,145,240 fueling positions, with the remainder consisting of small chains, wholesale distributors and large chains. Average annual counterfeit fraud per site without EMV is $6171, according to non-profit firm,Conexxus, from its October 2019 report. 

Sites still offering mag stripe payments are easy targets for fraud as criminals employ various techniques, including sophisticated skimming and counterfeit techniques. The fuel retail industry is projected to suffer $451 million in counterfeit fraud at the AFDs (automatic fuel dispensers) in 2020, according to Conexxus.

AMP’s 6500 terminal is an ideal solution for unattended payment environments. It’s specialty dual-processors keep all EMV & transaction data 100% physically & digitally separated from the Android processor, allowing for customization without impacting security in any way. In addition, the 6500 terminal has physical & logical tamper protection - all data is 100% secure and the device is automatically wiped if any tampering is tried whatsoever.

Easy Implementation

Each site ordering the TXECSS solution receives a custom kit for their store and fuel dispensers shipped ready to install.The solution is designed to be installed by the maintenance personnel  that services petro merchants’ fuel dispenser, with no need for merchants to wait or pay for added service people to complete installations.  It’s a straightforward process that  can be completed one pump at a time, with minimal downtime for fuel merchants.

This is a huge benefit in two ways; first the PEI pump and tank repair companies are booked solid for the next year, with very limited capacity. Secondly, it allows the maintenance team employees of the fuel distributor to install the solution - which keeps the process simple and efficient.

The original deadline for this change in liability was set for October 2020, but was extended  during the early weeks of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 to April 2021.

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