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Amadis is part of Preludd Group

Amadis provides state-of-the-art software editing and development solutions for a global ecosystem of merchants, partners, payment device manufacturers and service providers.

Amadis provides an industry-leading range of payment processing options using custom and commercially available technology, independent of hardware or geography, ensuring compatibility is at the forefront of the edit and design process for their clients.

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New partnership

Amadis and Preludd's new partnership will continue to drive the development of payment solutions in the future through SoftPOS. This solution will enable customers to make payments seamlessly across in-store thanks to mobile devices globally. The synergies between Amadis and Preludd will result in a great offer that provides customers with an integrated payment experience, regardless of their location or preferred payment method.

Their focus on agile development and omnichannelity will continue to allow them to create a unique offering that is not only efficient and customer-centric but also ahead on the competition.

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