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Organization types

Global Merchants are defined as organizations who buy and sell commodities for profit on a large scale, and most commonly to multiple geographical regions.

  • Top Retailers industry’s largest companies according to sales
  • Apparel Specialty Stores
  • Discount, Dollar, & Specialty Stores
  • Department & Shoe Stores
  • Drug Stores & HBC Chains
  • Hardware Stores
  • Grocery & Supermarket
  • Petroleum & C-Ctore
  • Chain Restaurant & Franchisor


Single set of solutions that offer maximum interoperability between the geographic regions managed while still accounting for an adhering to the protocols. rules and guidelines of each of these defined regions.

Making changes in complex enterprises is hard. Adding functionality like Contactless Multinational, Multi Currency, Multi Languages, Omni Channel, or BYOD COTS is daunting and time consuming


User Case

Protect the integrity of the enterprise and put Amadis Frameworks in to get access to best practice and interoperability that enables test automation means, and streamlining of certification stages.