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How do I reach the Amadis customer service team?

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I have a technical question I need to ask the team, who can I contact?

Send your question to and have a response within 2 business days!

Where can I find technical product information about EMV Level 2 products and solutions?

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I have Level 3, Payment framework technical questions. Is there a resource where I can find this information?

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My operation has a variety of point of interaction (POI) hardware, and has challenges we want to manage. Do you have any resources we can reference to address these?

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What do the L1, L2 and L3 labels of payment processing refer to?

Level 1 processing includes merchant name, transaction code and transaction date. Level 2 payment processing includes the standard information required for Level 1 and merchant zip code, customer code, and sales tax Level 3 includes all the parameters of Level 1 & 2 processing as well as additional factors of payment acceptance data including:Ship-From Mailing Code,Destination Mailing Code, Invoice Number, Order Number, Item Product Code, Item Commodity Code, Item Description, Item Quantity, Item Unit of Measure, Item Extended Amount, Shipping Amount and Duty Amount.

How do I find out about Amadis webinars and information sessions?

Please go to the Amadis Events section for more information.

Where can I go to find out more information on ensuring my payment solutions are universal and globally accepted?

Please visit the nexo standards website

Where can I find more information about EMV and its importance in payments processing?

Please go to the EMVCo website

Where can I find information about Petro and C-Store payment regulation?

Please visit the Connexus website

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