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Amadis, AMP and TXECSS Partner to Provide Petro Retailers with EMV Plug-and-Play at the Pump Migration Solution

Amadis, AMP and TXECSS Partner to Provide Petro Retailers with Plug-and-play EMV at the Pump Migration Solution 

Makes it easy for Petroleum merchants to upgrade their existing fuel payment systems to comply with EMV standards, while saving 60-80 percent in overall costs

March 29, 2021-- Montreal & Richardson, TX

Amadis, together with AMP (Advanced Mobile Payment Inc.) and TXECSS (Texas Engineering Consulting Systems and Services), today announced EMVMadeEZ, a pre-certified “out-of-the-box” EMV migration solution. The solution provides C-Store merchants, small chains and single gas station owners with the industry’s fastest-to-implement, most cost-effective EMV at the pump migration solution. The companies also announced a webinar series, that includes petro industry leaders and experts, who will address the impact of the looming EMV liability shift on fuel retailers.The initial webinar, The Gains & Pains of EMV at the Pump, will be held on April 7th.

Petroleum’s April 17th EMV liability shift deadline, marks the date when the cost of fraudulent transactions shifts from card brands to fuel retailers, for fuel pumps not EMV compliant. The average annual counterfeit fraud per site location without EMV was $6171, according to non-profit firm, Conexxus. The fuel retail industry was projected to suffer $451 million in counterfeit fraud at the AFTs (automatic fuel dispensers) in 2020, according to Conexxus. This number is expected to jump substantially after the liability deadline, as remaining mag stripe sites will be even greater targets for fraudsters. 

“Sites still offering legacy systems are easy targets for fraud as they employ various techniques, including sophisticated skimming and counterfeit techniques,” said Linda Toth, Managing Director of Conexxus. “EMV security measures have proven to dramatically reduce this activity. 

Linda Toth will moderate “The Gains & Pains of EMV at the Pump.”  April 7th, and will moderate a knowledge-filled panel that includes: Robert Alandt, Senior Director, Visa Seller Solutions, Thomas Levi, Payments Consultant, and former Co-Chair of the US Payments Forum - Petro Working Group, Jim Sabourin, Consultant, and former National Account Manager at a market-leading payments vendor, and Nirav Patel, Co-founder and CEO RapidRMS and Independent Petro Merchant.  

The webinar will outline key issues and implementation steps for petroleum retailers, and highlight the consequences merchants can expect to find from fraudulent chargeback activity.

Solution Overview

EMVMadeEZ is a certified, EMV “boxed” solution. Implementation can be completed quickly, in a matter of hours and days, compared to weeks or months. Downtime is minimal. The solution mitigates complexity, while eliminating a number of technical barriers and costs.

“We’ve made it easy and economical for independent gas stations and petroleum retailers to EMV-enable their fuel dispensers,” said Bohdan Myrinow, Chief Strategic Officer, Amadis. “Together, with AMP and TXECSS, we’ve developed a straightforward implementation process, while decreasing overall costs  60-80%, compared with standard pump solutions and retrofits.“

Amadis provides the payment software, while AMP provides its rugged AMP 6500 EMV Smart payment, touch-free terminal, and TXECSS integrates the components into the POS. The solution is delivered to fuel retailers by TXECSS in a custom kit that is ready to install by maintenance personnel that service their fuel dispensers. 

“With our best-in-class partners, Amadis and AMP, we’ve made it simple and cost-effective for petro retailers to retrofit fuel pumps with EMV, while eliminating their concerns about fraud at the pump liability,” said Kevin Dockery, President at TXECSS. “Merchants are protected from chargebacks and fraud liability as soon as the solution is implemented.” 

As part of the solution, AMP provides its cutting-edge, Android contactless pay-at-the-pump terminal. The AMP terminal works perfectly from 2 feet away, and its built-in with the fuel dispenser. Proximity sensors engage from up to a foot (12") away to reduce customer touches. It's a futureproof, no touch solution that instantly reads and displays 2D QR codes for alternative payments and loyalty rewards. 

"Through this powerful collaboration we are empowering merchants with future-proof technology that goes far beyond other products that simply accept EMV payment at the pump, instead delivering a solution that considers and enhances the entire petro self-service experience" said Robert Downton, VP of Sales North America at AMP. "The AMP 6500 delivers on the promise of smarter payments by opening the door for value-added apps and interactive customer engagement by enabling EMV, digital loyalty, alternative & mobile payments, and branded digital media content, all within the same smooth and secure user experience."

Further details of the solution are described in the announcement, “Amadis Delivers Accelerated EMV Solution for Petroleum & C-Stores with AMP and TXCESS.

About Amadis 

Amadis is a privately-held division of Maxim Integrated. Amadis is a leader in payment software technology, with its software running on more than 10 million devices worldwide. The company provides state-of-the-art software editing and development solutions for global merchants, payment device manufacturers and service providers. Amadis provides merchants with the industry’s broadest range of payment processing options using custom or commercially available technology, independent of hardware or geography. The company brings an elite, experienced software team to the industry and enables solutions for international merchants in over 23 countries.Learn more at

About AMP 

Advanced Mobile Payment Inc. (AMP) is a global provider of complete payment solutions and POS products built around usability, security, and smart integration options. Equipped with the latest certifications and able to integrate with any platform, AMP delivers tools designed to keep transactions secure and improve the payment experience. From creating smart payment devices to designing entire solutions, AMP works collaboratively to solve customer’s unique payment challenges. Learn more at



About TXECSS (Texas Engineering Consulting Systems and Services) 

TXECSS is helping independent convenience stores to save money and avoid fraud losses by integrating EMV to their existing POS and fuel dispensers. Let us show you how to accept EMV without replacing a single fuel dispenser.  Learn more at. 



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